Yes, Great Job Everybody!


So off we go again, we say goodbye to another week of work and our thoughts drift to a night out with our friends and/or lovers by our side. Tonight I will take my beautiful bride out for a well deserved cocktail or two (or more) and somewhere along the line I’m sure we’ll meet up with my folks.

Today is my Dad’s last day of work, retirement begins tomorrow. Just think of that, every day from here on out is a Friday for him. Almost brings a tear to your eye just thinking about it. He labored for many years providing for our family and now he has earned some well deserved R&R.


But just because you may not be retired, just because you may not see any clear end to a life of labor and hardship doesn’t mean you can’t create a little retirement party of your own. After all, it is still Friday. In the same way that our Sunday mornings are a foretaste of the day of the resurrection of the dead, so our Friday’s are a foretaste of our retirement to come.

So get out for a while and enjoy your retirement. Buy a drink for a friend and a stranger. Savor the blessings of our great giver God!