Turn off your social media and turn on Ringside! Your one stop podcast for everything you need to know! Jump down the rabbit hole.The debut of our new game show – Which Martin said it? Tyler reads quotes and the preachers have to guess whether it was Luther or MLK! Very surprising! Topics: what makes a good education, Don’t ever say ‘its my opinion’ ‘i think…’ or ‘that was interesting! Is it ok to have a taste for blood or a desire to conquer? preparing for communion. Its crazy that Jesus calls his disciples ‘the light of the world’ right? Zephaniah 3 points to Jesus death and resurrection or the Last Day? Can we preach about the environment?

Do you like long walks on the beach, puppies, hummus, the color light tan? Then you will absolutely hate Ringside! The preachers pour some light on some hot traxx! Topics: preaching in the age of Trump aint so easy, Why do Roman Catholics often receive only the host during communion? What’s the unforgivable sin exactly? Is Facebook dead? When can we revolt!? Is there a Christian dress-code? MLK’s awesome Street Sweeper speech! and more!!!