By Caleb Keith

If you are a Christian, you must be stupid. That’s what I hear from the mainstream media, twitter feeds, public schools, universities and often the federal government, at least. Christians believe in fairytales, hold back science, and have Scriptures that perpetuate sexism and homophobia. The only smart Christians are the ones who know that faith is just a safety blanket; they admit that religion doesn’t belong to the world of rational thought, and they also they keep their traditions, Christmas, and Easter. Maybe they’ll even pray at dinner when grandma is visiting. If only all Christians could be educated.

By Caleb Keith –

*Written by my beautiful wife Erika, who is helping me through a busy week.

I met my husband, Caleb, just after finishing my sophomore year of College at Concordia University-Saint Paul. We were camp counselors together, and our relationship moved pretty quickly. We both knew within a few weeks of dating that we would marry. It was an exciting time, but we were going to school in different parts of the country. We made some difficult decisions pretty quickly; I would finish the fall semester at Concordia in Saint Paul and then transfer to his school, Concordia Irvine, in the spring.

By Caleb Keith

As many regular readers of The Jagged Word might know, I produce the Thinking Fellows podcast, featuring Drs. Rosenbladt, Keith, and Francisco. Typically, the show launches once a week on Friday mornings, but every once in a blue moon, I post a special mid-week episode featuring incredible guests. Two weeks ago, Dr. Keith and I traveled to Germany for the one-of-a-kind opportunity to record two shows with the highly esteemed Dr. Robert Kolb.

By Quincy Koll –

As someone who finds a vocation in both art and theology, I often desire to combine the two. While traveling during my sophomore year of college, I met an artist who devoted his art to depictions of the Gospel. When his work is viewed critically and questions are asked, the Gospel can be shared in a personal and meaningful way. I was inspired by this and tried to take on theological concepts in my own work.

By Caleb Keith

I have a problem and need your help. You see, like most other people in my generation, and perhaps even those outside of my generation, I am dependent on the internet. More specifically, I am dependent on the Google search engine. This dependence is a gut reaction and a tool that feeds a general skepticism about the things I know and the knowledge passed onto me by parents, advisors, and even experts. I only recently became aware of my addiction because I happen to be a young parent whose own parents live nearby.