By Caleb Keith

Whether you like or hate that Trump won the presidential election, it is undeniable that the liberal community went through a freak-out. Twitter and Facebook were ablaze; college campuses crumbled in tears and some real idiots started blocking freeways. Amidst false cries of racism and bigotry, some liberals acknowledged how they failed and revealed the larger plan for changing the world. It starts with Christianity. You see, Christianity possess a real threat to the political left, not because many Christians find themselves on the political right, but because Christians believe in objectivity when it comes to issues such as morality, science, and law. Modern liberalism relies on a false pluralism, which says that there is no true right or wrong, gender doesn’t exist, and random chance is god.

By Paul Koch

Last Tuesday, I took my usual seat at the bar in the cantina where my brothers and I gather every week for the delights of Taco Tuesday. Aside from the tall cocktails and the $1 tacos, there are plenty of TVs surrounding the place so that no matter where you look you can find a convenient screen. Now, we have watched many baseballs games on those screens, lots of SportsCenter, the terrible game of soccer, and most recently the Olympic Games. But on this last Taco Tuesday, we watched Iowa defeat Rhode Island in the Little League World Series.

By Cindy Koch

I dread Sunday morning. Nervous sleep pesters me until about 6:30 am. The alarm finally rings, giving me official permission to begin preparations. I shower and dress quietly and cautiously, so as to not wake the babies in the next room. I knew once they were up my hands would be busy with them, and I might not get to my makeup this week, again. Throw on the dress, wipe on mascara, just in time.


The little ones meet the morning with cranky, hungry tears and wake the older ones, also now grouchy from the rude awakening. As everyone tumbles out of bed, they limp to the kitchen looking for food. “Sunday morning church!” I say.


Hello again, readers!

After the overwhelming success of Rachel’s article last week, I feel it is appropriate to run one more of her articles this week. Who knows, this may be the start of something big. The Jagged Word, or 1517 the Legacy Project for that matter, are always looking for new writers. Rachel is incredibly talented, and her insights into the world of motherhood are honest, gritty, and centered on the Gospel of Christ. Please enjoy one more article from Mrs. Rachel Francisco.