A Jagged Contention: Semi-Pelagians

The law, the stress of life driving you to a breakdown, reduces you to a walking question mark. The question is answered, amazingly, by God’s one-way love. Grace changes everything. You then enter some form of church or community. At this point, the iron curtain of the law comes down. You are told you need to be “disciple” or “mentored” or “coached”: held “accountable.” Sermons contain lists of things to do, “disciplines” to take up, a “Christian worldview” to embrace. The law is reimposed. Read More


Mashing Buttons

By Jaime Nava

There was this game I remember playing on the SNES. It’s called “Out of This World.” The art in it was fun to watch, and the story was interesting. You were this guy that ended up on an alien world. Captured by aliens, you try to break free. There is no English spoken, as the game goes on, so the player is as clueless as the character being played. There’s this one scene where you end up in an alien tank. There’re no instructions. There’s no clue as to what you’re supposed to do, so you just try everything. You just mash down on the buttons hoping something will happen. The game expects that kind of reaction, and eventually you create enough havoc to save yourself. It’s cleverly done. Read More


Afraid of Church

By Bob Hiller

As a football fan, I would love to one day take my kids to see an NFL game. Watching the games on TV, you get the impression that these games are fast-paced, high energy games with thousands of fans rooting as one body for the victory of their team. To me, the idea of taking the Hiller clan to an NFL game is exhilarating: Sitting with my kids, decked out in Broncos gear, going nuts over huge plays and hard hits. The idea of the whole thing is awesome. But, the reality, I fear, would be a different story. Read More


The Helmholtz Resonance

By Ross Engel

It should be no surprise to you, our intrepid readers, that the authors here at Jagged Word do occasionally enjoy beverages that come out of bottles. Water, Wine, Whiskey, Beer. If it can be bottled, we tend to like it. And it is safe to say that we all have our favorites—our go to beverages of choice. Read More

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Go Alone, Get It Wrong

By Paul Koch

One of the things that I truly love about my vocation is regular participation in the study of Holy Scripture. From Tuesday mornings with a few of my colleagues and friends where we translate the text for the upcoming week to the regular midweek and Sunday morning Bible studies at church, I am fortunate to be able to engage the Word as part of my regular schedule.

Now, it may sound like a stupid thing to assert that a pastor would spend a lot of time with the Word of God and that he would enjoy it,
Read More


The Journey of Learning a New Language

By Caleb Keith

The first time I ever seriously thought about learning a language other than English was in High School. One of the major graduation requirements for most High School students is two years of a foreign language, typically Spanish or French. I had no particular interest in Spanish nor French, and I was also afraid of the difficulty learning a language could pose. Luckily, my online high school program allowed me to take any language I wanted, and it could even be done via Rosetta Stone or another language learning software. My father suggested I learn Latin with his help as well as Rosetta Stone. Read More


The Genius of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps

By Graham Glover

I have a really strange job. I get a paycheck from the United Sates Federal Government to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, you read that correctly. The American Government pays me to be a Christian clergyman.

In parts of the world such a statement is not strange at all, but here in Merica, this is not the typical way things are done. Read More