Gnostic Football and Virtual Church

By Bob Hiller

Have you seen Super Bowl MVP Von Miller’s commercial for Madden NFL 17? It’s hilarious! Miller dances around with a few moves he no doubt gained from his stint on Dancing with the Stars to sell one of the world’s most popular video games. Perhaps what is most amazing in the commercial is not Miller’s dancing nor the heart-warming reminder that our Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 but the graphics for the new Madden. Since the days of Mario and the original Street Fighter II, I haven’t played many video games. But I am amazed at how realistic they have become. It is getting harder and harder to tell the differences between a game and the real thing. Read More


Defender of the Flock

By Ross Engel

In the Mel Gibson film The Patriot, there is a scene that I have always appreciated. The Colonial Militia solicits the men of a congregation to take up arms to fight against the British. Many men are motivated by the speech, grab their gear, and head off to fight. As this particular scene comes to a close, someone notices that the pastor is heading off with the Militia, musket in hand. When the question of his departure is raised, the pastor’s response is simple and direct, “A shepherd must tend his flock, and at times, fight off the wolves.” Read More

little league ws

Little League, The Nutcracker, and the Loss of Childhood

By Paul Koch

Last Tuesday, I took my usual seat at the bar in the cantina where my brothers and I gather every week for the delights of Taco Tuesday. Aside from the tall cocktails and the $1 tacos, there are plenty of TVs surrounding the place so that no matter where you look you can find a convenient screen. Now, we have watched many baseballs games on those screens, lots of SportsCenter, the terrible game of soccer, and most recently the Olympic Games. But on this last Taco Tuesday, we watched Iowa defeat Rhode Island in the Little League World Series. Read More

aristotle and plato

Back to School

By Caleb Keith

Two days ago, I started my last year as an undergraduate student. The semester ahead is going to be no easy task. I am taking eighteen units, including courses in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. On top of that, I have my five-month-old daughter to care for, and I was stupid enough to get a puppy, which my wife will be picking up tomorrow. It is safe to say that I have a hefty challenge laid out before me. However, this challenge is not uninvited. Read More


Bad Moms Exposed

By Cindy Koch

She put down the glasses for just a moment. The door swung open and a wave of voices rushed in.  Hugs, hair, purses perfume, swirled around the bar as a fresh group of women performed the ritualistic welcome dance at the “meet you there” spot. Wine glasses lined up and ready, the bartender began her pours in a steady liquid rhythm: white, red, white. Read More


Stop Looking Down!

By Joel A. Hess

Western society is obsessed with living here for as long as possible. The manifestations of this focus at first seem grand and hopeful. We spend tons of money to cure diseases. We spend billions putting people on Mars. We can talk to our parents in Michigan while living in Prague. We can watch the Olympics in Rio from our living room in Ann Arbor. We have done so many cool things that many truly put all their hope in our endeavors, whether explicitly or subconsciously. “The sky is the limit,” exclaim the progressive achievements of man! Yet what a limit it is! Read More