Caleb Keith


“The Ghost In The Machine”

Caleb holds a BA in Theology. He follows technological trends and has the knowledge necessary to ask what impact technology has practically, theologically, and ethically on our society.

2 thoughts on “Caleb Keith

  1. Caleb, found your LCRL piece today and found it interesting. One point if I may, lobbying comes in various forms. Not all of it is aimed at a direct political target. Some lobbying is meant to develop relationships primarily. We don’t think of it that way in our society much anymore. Today it has a strong negative persona.


  2. Hey Caleb, have a quick Q, would it be cool to use the image of Santa sitting on the couch for a poster we are thinking about producing? There is some urgency to this situation, so could you please reply and let me know. We’d need a hi-res image of this photograph to work from. Do you know who took this photograph? Best, Glenn C. Kelley


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