Caleb Keith


“The Ghost In The Machine”

Caleb is currently a student at Concordia University Irvine studying theology. He follows technological trends and has the knowledge necessary to ask what impact technology has practically theologically, ethically on our society.


  1. Caleb, found your LCRL piece today and found it interesting. One point if I may, lobbying comes in various forms. Not all of it is aimed at a direct political target. Some lobbying is meant to develop relationships primarily. We don’t think of it that way in our society much anymore. Today it has a strong negative persona.


  2. Hey Caleb, have a quick Q, would it be cool to use the image of Santa sitting on the couch for a poster we are thinking about producing? There is some urgency to this situation, so could you please reply and let me know. We’d need a hi-res image of this photograph to work from. Do you know who took this photograph? Best, Glenn C. Kelley


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