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Engage in a thoughtful and humorous discussion about hot topics of the week from a Biblical point of view with a few Preachers! Join Joel, Ross, Paul, and Tyler the Intern for some argument, disagreements and even a little banter. Each pastor isn’t afraid to call it like it is. Yet also he isn’t afraid to change his mind!

Pastors and Politics Ringside Preachers

Topics: Christmas Traditions: weird, unhealthy, profound? Advents message in our fractured times Roe v. Wade and Mississippi Law A pastor’s struggle with political stands Reason for the Season, is there no meaning in anything else?     Guest: Rev. Graham Glover   Thank you:  1517.org proud member of the 1517 Podcast Network and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis  and thejaggedword.com   Music: Willing Virginia “Emmanuel” on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud Dead Horse One – I love my man   Other stuff: For the Time Being a Christmas Oratorio, W. H. Auden
  1. Pastors and Politics
  2. Einstein vs. Newton and Why We Can’t Agree
  3. Is Your Gender You?
  4. Judgement Day for Kyle Rittenhouse and All of Us
  5. Live Action Role Play Church

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