Each Sunday afternoon you’ll be able to join Joel, Ross and Paul as they engage in a thoughtful and humorous discussion about hot topics of the week from a Biblical point of view. Join us for some argument, disagreements and even a little banter. Each pastor isn’t afraid to call it like it is. Yet also he isn’t afraid to change his mind!

Episode 41:  Hiroshima wrong? Circumcision party? Michelle Carter suicide. Criticize other Christians ok? 8-6-17

Episode 40: Jesus loves babies, roughing it, at least i’m not that guy gospel, being church outside church 7-23-17





Episode 39: suffering=blessing, near death experience with buddies, blessing of animals, homes? 7-16-17

Episode 38: Declaration of incoherence? Hunting is good! sinner & saint, american revolution just war? 7-9-17

Episode 37: Men wear shorts? know Jesus no peace? family vacation! man needs adventure! Teddy Roosevelt

Episode 36: Special guest Scott Keith, Bad sermons, Father’s Grace, Words and violence? poets v scientists

Episode 35: Special guest Cindy Koch on womanhood, must believe in trinity? marry the same faith? 6-11-17

Episode 34: Twin Peaks, art of handshake, Pentecost?, atheist or christian friends? 5-28-17

Episode 33: Suicide & grunge, learn instinct, workout!, black swan event, ascension of Jesus 5-21-17

Episode 32: John Milton, Church makes a difference?, can i trust the bible, worship musts! 5-14-17

Episode 31: Glover on Chaplaincy, Churches aren’t healthy, can i watch nudity? 5-8-17

Episode 30: Same sex infertility claim? Pastor’s job description? Objectivity possible? Read fiction! 4-30-17

Episode 29: Early church resurrection, importance of a library, revolt!: get married 4-23-17

Episode 28: Easter special! Did Jesus really rise? United jackboot thugs? Easter & baptism? Evil & ed.?

Episode 27: Jesus didn’t want to die? Emotional manipulation, hero worship 4-9-17

Episode 26: Is healthcare a right? words >pictures? forgiving oneself? too many books 4-2-17

Episode 25: loneliness is killing men, God reigns in 2 ways? Donatism yeah! Robert Peace 3-26-17

Episode 24: St. Patrick special. Bravery, Trinity essential? Vampire fallacy. 2 kinds of righteousness 3-19-17

Episode 23: Real men work out, hows your prayer life? Teach boys to fight, Abraham is Lutheran? 3-12-17

Episode 22: Kevin the I.T. guy! Lectio Divina=lazy bible study? Why Satan? Play an instrument! 3-6-17

Episode 21: Lent special! Fast from sex, life on other planets, ashes are vain? Self discipline! Repentance? 2-26-17

Episode 20: Men have dens, Matthew 18 card, men have duties, jiu jitsu good 2-19-17

Episode 19: Who said it game show! No opinions, prepare for communion, preaching creation, taste for blood? 2-12-17

Episode 18: Church of trump, unforgivable sin? Facebook dead! When to revolt? 2-5-17

Episode 17: Women’s march help? Doomsday clock is at 2:30! Natural Law? Why be member of church? 1-29-17

Episode 16: Live at Don Hall’s Lounge! Do babies believe? Should pastors go to school? Eleanor wrong? 1-22-17

Episode 15: Demons and sleep paralysis, Hollywood knows best, who needs the free press?, sanctification? 1-15-17

Episode 14: Art of the party, I’m God you’re not, Why Epiphany? 6 Church trends 1-8-16

Episode 13: Kill the Elf of the Shelf, party on New Years, turning gifts into guilt, church on Christmas day? Crazy! 12-25-16

Episode 12: Santa kills kid! White Christmas depresses, Jesus wasn’t kicked out of Motel 6. 12-19-16

Episode 11: The perpetual virginity of Mary, Baby it’s Cold Outside, preaching the law, etc. 12-11-16

Episode 10: STDs are more effective than Sex ed, Santa or no Santa for smart people? Charlie Brown and more! 12-4-16

Episode 9: Women like men who fix stuff. Christmas isn’t pagan so what? Filter the filterers. 11-27-16

Episode 8: Fake news, Steve Bannon and Leonard Cohen’s worldview and more! – 11-20-16

Episode 7: Election Special! Franklin Graham, Trump, Millennials and losing and more. – 11-13-16

Episode 6: Millennials & Condoms, Francis & Lutherans, Embalming is bad for your health and more. – 11-6-16

Episode 5: Who would Luther vote for to Catholic “light” ugh! – 10-30-16

Episode 4: Andy Warhol’s Christianity to Cremation out of Control – 10-23-16

Episode 3: Wakes and Funerals, Porn Culture and Acting Isn’t Manly – 10-16-16

Episode 2: Gun Control to British Royalty – 10-9-16