Joel Hess

WIN_20131211_142254 (2)

Rev. Joel Hess is the fortunate pastor at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Cadillac, MI, where God’s reality pierces through our illusions by His Word, flesh and blood and gentle waters.  He is the author of many half written projects; a talented musician and artist.  His contributions to the Jagged Word deal with the intersection of theology, culture and the arts.

Read Joel’s contributions here.

3 thoughts on “Joel Hess

  1. Hello.
    Comments were closed on “Science is overrated”, so just wanted to say: Great article!
    “Our obsession with science and technology does not flow from a love of life, but from a fear of death”.


    1. Sorry, I just saw this comment. Who knows what COWO practices are really ha. I should have elaborated on that. If High Church practices are organ, robes, chanting – then COWO (contemporary worship) practices would be praise band on the altar, plain clothes pastor, etc.


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