Bob Hiller


Rev. Bob Hiller is the pastor of Community Lutheran Church in Escondido, CA. Bob is a lover of all things sports, but “all things sports” gets in line behind Denver Broncos football. He is an avid reader, a dedicated beer taster and a binge-watcher of shows on Netflix. His contributions here on The Jagged Word deal with the intersection of theology and our modern sports culture.

Read Bob’s contributions here.

4 thoughts on “Bob Hiller

  1. I loved your Airbrushed Beth Moore post…mostly that the Church should be more about Christ than promoting Perfect Christians.
    I need to be reminded of that. The ragamuffin Recovery community with whom I gather are no more a “testimony” of the transforming power of God’s grace than the person who has simply trusted the Savior throughout their life. It’s ALL about Jesus.
    Thanks for your faithfulness.

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  2. I miss you Pastor Bob so much. Lots has been going on in my life but the most important is the Holy Spirit is working overtime in my life. My life is a mess but thanks to God I have peace in my heart and I am ready for whatever God calls me to do. I watch your sermons regularly but I am also more involved at Faith. Just wanted to touch base with you.
    God’s blessings to you, Stephanie and the kids.
    Joey Moran


  3. Hi Bob! I just watched your Bible study on youtube about the Eastern Orthodox church. Hopfully going to watch the 2 videos on Rome later this week.


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