Bob Hiller


Rev. Bob Hiller is the pastor of Community Lutheran Church in Escondido, CA. Bob is a lover of all things sports, but “all things sports” gets in line behind Denver Broncos football. He is an avid reader, a dedicated beer taster and a binge-watcher of shows on Netflix. His contributions here on The Jagged Word deal with the intersection of theology and our modern sports culture.

Read Bob’s contributions here.

2 thoughts on “Bob Hiller

  1. I loved your Airbrushed Beth Moore post…mostly that the Church should be more about Christ than promoting Perfect Christians.
    I need to be reminded of that. The ragamuffin Recovery community with whom I gather are no more a “testimony” of the transforming power of God’s grace than the person who has simply trusted the Savior throughout their life. It’s ALL about Jesus.
    Thanks for your faithfulness.

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