Paul Koch


Paul is the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Ventura CA. where he has been called to hand over the goods; to kill and make alive and to recklessly forgive the broken and hurting. He is the the Editor of The Jagged Word and is proud to work beside great friends in this endeavor. It has been his growing conviction that most of the problems currently facing the Christian church (whether real or imagined) will not be fixed by so-called “experts” but by the faithful proclamation of the Word.

Check out his articles here.

Follow him: on twitter @PaulKoch75 on Instagram @rev_koch

7 thoughts on “Paul Koch

  1. Paul, hey brother, I’ll see you in a few weeks in Convention. Can you bring a shirt to purchase? I was hoping to get one of your logo shirts, but the Nacho one is cool. Also, apparently God has plans for me in Mesquite because I am sticking around; altho’ the decision to stay was immensely difficult. So, I should celebrate the struggle with the purchase of one of your shirts!

    Hit me up: patoneal76 (at)


  2. Paul,

    The picture you took, “Rest”. I am an artist and I found you’re picture so wonderful that I had little choice but do a painting. I would love very much for you to see the picture in acrylics on canvas. I also of course need your permission if I am to share it in my art world versus keeping it to myself in our home.

    Please let me know how I can e-mail you so you can see the painting.



  3. Preacher,
    I want to thank you for your continued word. It’s great to be able to continue hearing your words from the other side of the country.


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