By Paul Koch

Last Monday was the eighteenth anniversary of the day my bride walked down the aisle with me, having just exchanged vows before God and a whole congregation of witnesses to begin our life together. Eighteen years after that day, I was boiling water for coffee because we were camping with the kids. We ate a relaxed breakfast cooked by my wife and began to break camp and load up the minivan. After eighteen years of marriage, we piled all five of our kids and our dog into the car to make the trip down the mountain. I leaned over and kissed my bride and said, “Happy Anniversary!” As I drove, I began to wonder how we ended up here.

By Cindy Koch

Many good advice-givers tell me that marriage is hard work. I even want to believe them in these times of kids, activities, commitments, meetings, bills, stress, and the endless search for rest. My husband of 18 years, now, is a familiar face in the blur of everyday routine. And sometimes, I find myself missing the friend I knew in my youth.

By Cindy Koch

The Democratic convention is in session this week, ready to announce the first woman to run for president of the United States. And it looks like the day will come sooner than later when we must consider a female leading our country. While we all knew this would happen sooner or later, there is still much to talk about, much to hope in, and much more to mourn. I have only begun to grieve for our sons and daughters of independence.

By Cindy Koch

I know, I know. Ladies, don’t be too hard on him. The Man has posed an honest question about our society and our faith. He observed that men can look like sexist jerks by believing the word of God; so where is the honor for women today? He tried to stand up and defend our freedom, but we know how very short that answer falls. It’s easy to wonder on the outside, rather than to be the woman who must mold her life in the midst of the muck.

By Scott Keith


Before I write this blog and describe how awful I believe the concept of, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is, please allow me to provide a few disclaimers. First, I love my wife! We have been married for twenty-one years and have raised three beautiful children together. I can honestly say that she is the love of my life. Second, we, like all couples, have had good times and bad.

By Jaime Nava

In a plethora of video games armor is a thing. Many times it’s like the Medieval era with different pieces for the head, feet, hands, chest. There are of course other accessories too. In many games, although the armor’s properties are identical, it looks completely different between the male and female characters. Even worse, when it is worn by female characters it is often skimpy and revealing.

By Cindy Koch

I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you

I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye

Every time I sing this song I think of you, my love.  I listen to these simple words and contemplate our time together. We have had good times and bad, we have been happy and angry, we have been sick and healthy, rich and poor. It most certainly has not all been easy, but here we are – together. Looking back on our years, I can barely remember my life without you in it.

By Cindy Koch

The air was fresh and calm. A young sun wrapped the new earth in a blanket of perfect warmth. The whole creation seemed to take a tranquil sigh. It was a glorious day of naming beasts and birds for Adam. The Lord had brought every animal to the man: furry, feathery, scaly, large and small, brave and meek. They poured out from every corner of the green field, but now each receded into the background as the earth fell quiet, again.