It Happened Again

luther preaching

In a simple and seemingly uneventful service this morning it happened again.  Through the mouth of a fallen and broken man to a gathering of sin-torn and struggling believers it happened.  Proclamation happened!

I’m not talking about creative instruction for the living of the Christian life, nor am I speaking about beautiful descriptions of the life and sacrifice of our Lord.  These of course have their place in the church and in our life together but I’m talking about something more.  And I’m not talking about intellectual challenges and powerful motivation leaving us feeling “enlightened” and “recharged”.  I’m talking about what happens when the Living Word of God actually invades our lives, entangles our experiences and crowds our space.

Through the mouths of men people died and were brought to life again.  This morning it actually happened, proclamation happened yet again.  May we continue to rejoice and give thanks for such moments!