Poker Night!

poker night

Tonight is poker night!  I love poker night; there is something very satisfying and rejuvenating about gathering together with other men to drink , smoke and play cards.  In our game there is not a lot of money at stake so win or lose it is always a great night.  The conversations will move effortlessly from sports, to family, to old memories and of course the constant stream of insults that ties it all together.  Such nights are simply good for the soul.  If you don’t have a poker night with some friends I highly recommend it!

It reminds me of this great quote by C.S. Lewis:

“My happiest hours are spent with three or four old friends in old clothes tramping together and putting up in small pubs – or else sitting up till the small hours in someone’s college rooms talking nonsense, poetry, theology, metaphysics over beer, tea, and pipes. There’s no sound I like better than adult male laughter.”