A Jagged Word

Faith comes by hearing

Incredible quote of the day:

“An authoritative Bible whose main characteristic is that it is verbally inspired is a book without a Master and consequently a book with a doctrine instead of a message, its only task to relate what God has already done instead of having to bring men into the sphere of God’s continuing activity. In that way a gulf yawns between the holy events of the Bible and the holy events awaited in the last times. Thereby the present is emptied of content.  The present, on the contrary, must take its place as a worthy element within the history of redemption that the Bible reveals and the Parousia completes, because the present is the time of the preaching of the Word and God is active in his Word.”

Gustaf Wingren, “The Living Word” (56. n.1)

That’s right that quote came from a footnote; I read footnotes unlike end-notes.  Why the hell do so many people use end-notes?