Coming Soon!


The Jagged Word is growing once again! That’s right; tell your friend and neighbors, share it on Facebook and call your grandma!  Our quest to try and understand what the hell is going on is about to be taken to a new level.

My good friend (and ready enabler of my bad habits) Rev. Graham Glover has joined The Jagged Word family.


Rev. Chaplain (CPT) Graham Glover is an LCMS Active Duty US Army Chaplain currently stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia. In his spare time he is a PhD student in the University of Florida’s Department of Political Science. He is interested in the relationship between religious and political thought, especially as it relates to how we understand our role in a democratic/capitalist society that extols individual rights. It is this very emphasis that he will be bringing to The Jagged Word. He isn’t afraid to stir the pot and even kick it over when properly motivated.

Graham will be showing up here every Tuesday in a special column called “The Emperor’s Chair.”