The Cantankerous Critic: “Disneyland and Puppies”

By Scott Kieth


For someone as cantankerous as me, Disneyland seems too easy of a target. Suffice to say, it is not the happiest place on earth (hopefully your home is.) Its over commercialization which is patently obvious, and faux beauty should never trump real beauty. Nonetheless, I understand many people –– God forbid, including most of my own children and even my beloved bride –– truly love going to Disneyland, and I suppose there is nothing inherently wrong with that. Yet nonetheless, Disneyland sucks!


Now, On to puppies. Puppies are cute. There truly is no denying that simple fact. Furthermore, chicks seem to dig puppy breath and get weak in the knees every time they hold one of those adorable little creatures. Oddly enough, the same effect can be seen in women while holding babies. But, have you ever owned a puppy? I’ve owned 7! Let me tell you, much like babies they shit and piss everywhere, and they cry all the time. But, chicks dig them and they are cute. So while on the whole, puppies suck too, they have the benefit of making the women in our lives smile, which seems to be a fair trade.


In conclusion, the verdict is: (1) Disneyland sucks and should be avoided at all cost; (2) puppies suck too, but are cute enough to get a pass (at least their cuteness is not faux). Next week –– Our Bodies are a Temple, so Why Not Build a Temple to Our Bodies! Cantankerous enough for you? Happy Thanksgiving. After all Jesus died and rose for me while I was yet as much of a Cantankerous Critic as I am, and he has blessed me with a wonderful and loving family (even if they enjoy going to Disneyland). I am truly thankful and pray that your Thanksgiving holiday is full of many blessings and thanks. Until next week.