Coming Soon! – Friday Edition

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Well my friends we’ve done it again! We need you once again to ramp up your efforts to help us get the word out for The Jagged Word is growing! So e-mail your friends and tell them to e-mail their friends, share the good news on Facebook, call your high school sweetheart and wake up grandma. If you’re on a quest to understand just what the hell is going on we’ve taken it up a notch.

A very dear and at times uncomfortably witty friend of mine has joined The Jagged Word family. Rev. Joel Hess (or “The Godfather” as my daughter refers to him) is the pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Cadillac, MI. While he regards himself as the author of many half written projects he is also a talented musician and artist.  It is his love for the arts that prompted me to invite him to join us. As we examine our culture, and the proclamation of the Word in it, we would be missing a large piece if we didn’t engage in a discussion of the arts and that is exactly where Joel will be taking us.

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Joel will be seen on The Jagged Word every Monday in a special column titled “A Voice In The Wasteland”. Give him a warm welcome and be ready for a challenge.

And if this news isn’t good enough for you don’t worry because it’s Friday!  And Friday holds the promise of leaving work or getting a baby sitter for the kids or whatever you do to unwind.  And remember if you should happen to find yourself on a comfortable bar stool tonight buy a neighbor a drink – it’s good for the soul!

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