The Emperor’s Chair: “Vote For Jesus!

By Graham Glover


I hope you don’t think I’m serious with this statement. Certainly not this day – this Eve of our Lord’s Nativity.

Do you really think the King of Kings requires a vote to validate His title? Maybe not, but the Prince of Peace certainly needs us to choose Him, right? Doesn’t the Child conceived in the womb of the highly favored one seek our validation? Perhaps Jesus wants our vote because He supports democracy as the purest form of politics. Or maybe if He can win a majority of the vote, our country will finally give in to His will.

Let’s be crystal clear, our Lord could care less who you vote for on Election Day. He doesn’t care if you like elephants or donkeys. They both belong to His creation and He loves them equally. He claims allegiance to no earthly politics and anyone who says otherwise is ignorant about who this rabbi really is.

Emmanuel takes no position on whether you are taxed at a 10% or 75% rate. Such trivial debate means little to Him. Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s and be content with the remaining gifts He gives you. (And remember, all that we mortals have is a gift from Him. Nothing is ours. It all belongs to Him.)


Our King wants all of His subjects – His children, to be given their daily bread. Whether that “bread” comes from the State, the Church, a secular non-profit organization, or an anonymous neighbor doesn’t matter. He simply commands us to serve and take care of one another.

The child of the Blessed Virgin Mary loves life and shudders when the innocent (from the unborn to the aged and everyone in between) are slaughtered. This is precisely why He gave His own life, that all who sin against the innocent – in thought, word, and deed – may repent and be reconciled to Him

The Lamb of God gives to humanity the very earth we inhabit. The environment, the animals – everything on this planet, is ours to rule. When He returns, there will be a new heaven and a new earth and this will be a magnificent day. Come quickly, we pray! But in the meantime remember that while the earth is ours, it is His gift to us. So treat this creation with the respect worthy of the Almighty.


The Alpha and Omega understands there are those who reject Him. He knows many do not believe His claim to be the Son of God. He cries for these, as they will not be of His eternal kingdom. But never lose sight of the fact that that these too are His children and they deserve our love and forgiveness even when they reject ours and the One whom we worship.

“Vote for Jesus”? Never should such words come from our lips. For we serve a king. A king born this day in the city of David, who is Christ the Lord. Merry Christmas!