Friday at Last!


Wow, what a week! From the heart of all American political discourse to helicopter parenting and the decline of people that are generally useful it’s been a good week at The Jagged Word. Another bold step has been taken in our understanding of just what the hell is going on. We’ve touched on effeminate mega-church worship and pastors that have more lace in their sacristy than a Victoria’s Secrete catalog. But at last we have come to Friday, a day full of promise and joyful possibilities. So whether you are “high church” or “low church,” whether you believe that the community comes before the individual or vise versa, whether you are as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop or more so – it’s time for a good drink and good friends.

Remember, wherever your evening takes you don’t forget to buy a drink for a neighbor. It will brighten their day and yours! As for me, my little brother is coming into town which can mean only one thing – Manhattans! That’s right, a simple glass of bourbon wonder. If you’ve never had one tonight could be your opportunity to change that.


Now a few words from Patches O’Houlihan:

And I don’t know why but this is hilarious: