Frozen Friday


Sometimes the warmth of a bar stool and the camaraderie of good friends over good cigars and good drink is more poignant than others. This Friday as I sit in the Fort Wayne airport looking at a departure board full of bright red “cancelled” notifications it is good to know that even though I can’t make it home to my beautiful bride in sunny California I will soon be picked up by a good friend for what will be another great evening of theological discussion and free flowing libations.


I have spent the past week enjoying a Symposium at a quaint Norwegian fishing village with a somewhat effeminate feel to it, otherwise known as Concordia Theological Seminary. And though at times gathering with a bunch of pastors is like watching freak shows in a circus it was a great time. My buddy Ross and I were treated well (better than we deserve) and the conversations were enlightening.


Many thanks to Professor Jeff Pulse and his wife Sara for their great hospitality (and for not making me sleep in the airport tonight), I hope the rest of you have an opportunity to be hospitable to someone else; a spouse, a friend, or just that person at the end of the bar that could use a good drink.