Be Mine!

Ahh yes, it is St. Valentines Day! A day of roses and hearts and chocolates, a day of love and expectations and romance.  And yet today is also Friday! A day of beer and bars and good friends, a day of fun and relaxation and laughs. So this night holds an incredible amount of possibility.  Whether you are single or dating or married, in love or out of love, a party animal or a loner, tonight can be your night!


I for one will be combining it all together and drinking deep of our God’s good and gracious gifts.  With my beautiful bride on my arm I’ll spend the evening with some dear friends in delightful bars sharing drinks and laughter and stories.  Make an effort tonight, invite others into your world.  Just because you have your sweetheart with you it doesn’t mean you can’t buy a drink for the couple enjoying a night out at the other end of the bar.


Enjoy your Friday and happy Valentines Day!