And Then There Was Friday


Just as we feel overwhelmed by the daily struggle of our individual vocations we lift our heads from the task before us and find that we have made it.  Once again we have made it to Friday. Now look, I know that Friday isn’t the end of our work, it’s not the goal of our labor, but it is something special. Friday is like the prize in the cereal when we were kids, its that little something extra, that little promise that there is joy and pleasure in this gift of life.


So let us take hold of our God’s good and gracious gifts, let us head out tonight to laugh and sing and make fools of ourselves.  Let us be bold enough to buy someone a drink for no good reason except to see them smile. Friday night is what you make of it, its your little reprieve in a life that takes its toll on our hearts and minds.


Need a little inspiration? Here you go!