Let’s Hear It For Friday!


Its’ been another great week here at The Jagged Word. We remain committed to bring you inspiring and challenging posts that help us all in our struggle to figure out just what the hell is going on. We encourage you to continue to spread the word and share your thoughts, challenges and insights with us. This past week we faced the tragic flaw of God’s love for us, took a trip down memory lane and faced the controlling realities of fear.

But tonight is Friday night, it is a reprieve where we can muddle over these challenges and chart the best course of action – even if that action is simply buying another round. So I hope you take a moment to get out of the house tonight and share inf God good and gracious gifts with those around you. If you can’t buy a drink for a neighbor this evening have no fear, for we here at The Jagged Word have come up with a way for you to buy a round for a seminarian via the Bell Ringer’s Fund!

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Now take a moment to relax and enjoy these clips, cheers!