Happy Friday Dude!

the dude

As it turns out yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the release of The Big Lebowski (3/6/1998). We could never forgive ourselves around here if we didn’t honor this in some way. But how do you show your gratitude for a movie like this?  How do you celebrate its enduring story? How do you say “thank you” for it’s efficient quotability and easy application in bars and bowling alleys across the country?

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Well I suppose the only thing to do is go out and tonight and have a good time. Take a friend or a lover or both and order a few Caucasians and do your best to take it easy. Find opportunities to quote the Dude, have an earnest discussion about nihilism and take a chance to buy a stranger a beverage. In fact you can get in the spirit right now by clicking on the button below and donating a few bucks to The Bell Ringer’s Fund and help us buy a beer or two for a seminarian.

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Here are a few classics to get you in the mood! Happy Friday, cheers!

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