About Time!


So here we are once again. We’ve managed to scrape and claw our way through another week and Friday is upon us. Now listen, I hear from a lot of people that they love these Friday postings encouraging everyone to get out of the house and have a night on the town. But if you haven’t taken that encouragement to heart tonight is your chance.


If you’re single then call up your friends, if your married with children then get a babysitter, if you have a significant other of any sort tell them to get ready for you’re picking them up. And when you go out just have fun, meet other people, sing out loud in a bar or at least laugh together. And don’t forget to spread the cheer, buy a drink for a stranger, in fact to get you in the mood you can begin right now with our own Bell Ringer’s Fund, just click on the button below and make a donation!

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We discuss a lot of significant matters here on The Jagged Word, we do our best to engage in a conversation about just what the hell is going on in our world today. But we have a good and gracious God that floods our lives with an abundance of undeserved gifts that we best not overlook. From good friends to a carefree night out of the house let us drink deep of such blessings!