Go Ahead and Pat Yourself on the Back!


That’s right, go ahead and give yourselves a big ole pat on the back! The Dean of Awesome just reported the final tally to me on the first ever Bell Ringer’s Fund. We managed to dig into our collective sofa cushions and pull together $300 for our adopt-a-seminarian. $300 will buy more than a few rounds and should enable him to gather a few good books as well. Well done my friends, well done!


Now there can at last be no doubt that The Jagged Word is a dominate force for good in this confused and broken world; and we are just getting warmed up. In fact as we continue to grow we have identified a few immediate needs.  First of which is a decent logo that captures our particular quest to figure out just what in the hell is going on out there. So on this great day of celebration I am happy to announce The Jagged Word’s Logo Contest.  Throughout the month of April we will be accepting logo ideas from our readers to help us settle this matter. The winner of the contest will win our hearty thanks and unyielding admiration along with a free t-shirt if and when we get around to making shirts with your logo featured on them.

All submissions must be sent to: thejaggedword@gmail.com

Jagged Word Logo Contest

Now get out there and have a great time tonight! Spread some cheer, laugh long and hard and buy a friend a drink.

Enjoy some brilliant stupidity,

and some (very explicit) motivation!