Americans Don’t Love Science. They Just Like the “Idea” of Science

By Joel Hess


No I have not seen ‘Noah’.  I really could care less.  I did enjoy some of Aronofsky’s past work however. Still, this could have been brilliant but seemed silly. I despise paying money for crappy movies and then receiving a strange stare from a pimpled face teenager when I ask for my money back.  I am not interested in supporting starving artists if they rot – and Hollywood is not starving.  Let them starve!  Still, I don’t know what’s worse -a poor Hollywood movie that ruins scripture or a cheesy Christian movie that ruins art.

Ok, instead of seeing a Hollywood assembly line piece of spam….

This past week I enjoyed a visit to one of my favorite cities, Chicago.  Besides digging great record shops, a good cup of coffee and diners, we visited the Adler planetarium.  I love astronomy, dark matter, and the cold mysterious heavens.  I suppose I first got interested in planetariums after seeing ‘Rebel without a cause’ for the first time.  What a brilliant setting to set the tone for teenage angst!

rebel planetarium

By the good fortune you might make such a visit to the planetarium, I highly recommend forgetting the modern 3d shows and have a seat in the Atwood Sphere, a mechanical spinning metal ball that displays the constellations, circa 1930.

Anywho, while I enjoyed various technological achievements and many beautiful displays of our neighboring planets, my family was assaulted by the usual ‘there is no god yet we don’t know how the hell we got here’ jargon that frequently decorates a museum.

I have no problem with exploring various theories and explaining how people reach such conclusions, but information that is still debated among non-christian scientists, let alone creationists, is just laid out as unanimous observable truths.

The Huge Atwood Sphere

We laugh at the old Atwood metal sphere.  We laugh at the assumptions and crazy conclusions about how people thought the world worked in 1345.  Yet I am positive people will be laughing at our museums today.   The whole idea of a museum has become an old one, spawned from the Enlightment age when Newton told us the whole world could be understood eventually and we began to trust our brilliant brains – which culminated in the atheist scientific regimes of communism and Nazism killing more people than every ‘religious’ war ever fought.

People just gobble this up without thinking.  Show a picture of a quasar, tell someone the speed of light, then conclude the universe must be 13.1 billion years old and everyone leaves enlightened.  However, there are other equally different conclusions one can draw from this ‘evidence.’

Now there are far smarter scientists who can demonstrate the inconsistencies and pitfalls abundant in mainstream evolutionary theory. That’s not my goal. I am just an amateur.


I am not arguing that you reject or accept the writings on the wall at Adler planetarium.  Just please think for yourself!!!!  Americans say they love science.  But most of them do not know how it works at all! They don’t love science.  They love cool facts spoken by people in white lab coats.  They love anecdotes and smarmy quotes.  Like that asinine Facebook page called ‘I F&^%ing love science’.  Yet the posts are not science. They don’t explore the logic behind various theories and formulas. They are just pictures of single observations of nature. Most Americans are like Seinfeld’s George Costanza who said, ‘that sounds right’ after Kramer convinced him to see Tor, a holistic healer, instead of having his tonsils removed.

Americans do not think critically about anything.  They are used to getting their information from commercials and one liners.  They also are lazy and would rather leave things to the ‘experts.’  And of course universities have invented the ‘need’ for degrees and certifications in order to continually fund themselves.  You are required to have a ‘degree’ to do anything these days.

Education is a business my friends.  We have bought into the lie that a ‘degree’ means you know something. Who doesn’t have a degree, let alone a master’s degree these days?

It’s also humorous how Americans say they love science but when science, let alone plain observation, tells them they can’t do something they want to do, they throw science out the window.  Consider the two hot issues of the day –abortion, and same sex marriage.  Science clearly tells us when life begins (at conception) and where we are meant to put our body parts (you can do your own extensive study of nature for this conclusion).  But we choose not to listen because someone says they ‘feel’ differently.  Which is it? Are we devotees of science or what?

Most people don’t really love science.  They really just like the ‘idea’ of science!  poseurs!

Frequently we see silly bumper stickers moaning about how we have removed God from our great nation, but perhaps the real tragedy is that we have removed reason too.