Friday, What More Can I Say


Mmmm… Just look at that pic above. There is something so warm and inviting about that scene. Think of the memories that will be made there, think of the laughter and conversations. This is place for friends, a place for romance, a place made for Fridays.

As your work week draws to a close it’s time to seek the camaraderie that is found around warm bar stools and the familiar sound of old songs played yet again on the jukebox. There is life and passion and welcome in your neighborhood bar, it’s time to take advantage of it.


Grab your significant other and get out without the kids for a while. Call up some old friends and start some new traditions. Who knows, this night you might laugh till it hurts, or rekindle an old passion. Enjoy the blessings of your God and share it with others. And don’t forget spare a few bucks tonight and buy a drink for a neighbor for no apparent reason, just to spread some cheer!

Make some new stories!