So another work week fades into the past, and what a week it was for us here at The Jagged Word. There was a little bit of everything; from thought provoking posts to enlightening conversation to mundane banter to downright stupid comments, we had it all. But now the weekend is upon us.


So it’s time push away from your computers for a while or put down your smart phones. It’s time to make an extra effort to reconnect with a flesh and blood person tonight. Not through high speed digital cables but sitting across from them eating the free popcorn the bartender sets between you. It’s time to laugh and tell stories. Tonight is a night to make a toast and turn the ordinary into something special. Take a deep breath, you made it, it’s Friday!

And please don’t forget to buy a drink or two for a neighbor as you head out tonight. After all, God’s gifts are meant to be shared! Cheers!

A few videos to loosen you up!

(Now I’m not sure but this might be brilliant)