In Search of Creativity


Unfortunately the Emperor’s Chair, aka Graham Glover, is unable to make is usual weekly contribution. Don’t worry (or cheer?), he hasn’t been defrocked or excommunicated from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for his papal fascinations last week, he’s just swamped with his “day job”.

However this gives me a chance to remind all of our readers that we are looking for a logo for The Jagged Word. We have received a few great T-shirt ideas but are still in need of a simple logo, something your bartender will immediately recognize as The Jagged Word. We are working hard on it from our end  but would appreciate any input from our readers. If you have some creative talent or even if you are willing to exploit the talents of a younger sibling, we highly encourage you to do so.

lightbulb_head (1)

By the end of the month we are hoping to have settled on a logo and if there is more than one good one we’ll put them up for a vote. If your logo is chosen we promise to send you a free t-shirt or any other swag we might create with it.

Send all submissions to

Jagged Word Logo Contest