Happy Friday


Friday couldn’t have come soon enough. But it is here at last and we roll into the weekend with the promise of a warm bar stool and and cold beer. We hope to find comfort and relaxation in the notion of friends and family and a night out without the kids. Makes some plans; get away from your computer, and ignore your smart phones for a while.


Weekends are a great gift, they are a reprieve, they hold the hope of trying something new.  So make the most of it. Get out and do something new, even if its just trying a new bar, break your habits a bit and see what happens. Buy a drink or two for someone else rejoice in the fellowship you create.

For those of you who cannot get out tonight; whether your babysitter cancelled or your stuck at home with the shingles, don’t worry another Friday is fast approaching. So you have a whole week to plan ahead – just imagine what wonders you can accomplish on a Friday!