Take a Deep Breath


Well, there you go! It is Friday already. Once again you stand on the edge of your foretaste of retirement to come and its a three day weekend to boot. Will wonders never cease?

So what do you have planned, what sort of time will you dedicate to good friends and old loves? Will you land in your usual bar for the evening or try a new  one?  Will you finally buy a stranger a drink and offer a toast to the generous gifts of our God? Will you laugh our loud and sing strong when your favorite song comes on the jukebox?


I hope you have plans for this evening and take some well earned R&R this weekend. Tell your friends how much they mean to you, kiss your lover a few more times and if you should be wandering around downtown Ventura, first round is on me!

Spread the cheer my friends, wherever you happen to be, and rejoice in the many blessings of our great giver God! Cheers!!