It’s Alright, Friday is Here


There is a certain comfort that is found in a well worn bar stool. There is a warmth and a sense of belonging that comes with the smoothed out wood grain of a bar that has been washed by years of spilled drinks and oily hands. Some may see bars as a place of broken dreams and washed out hope, but not me. A bar is a place of possibility, a place of welcome and daring.


Now a bar has a life all its own, it goes through seasons. Some people only like one season and reject the others. They may like the quiet midweek mulling of the regulars. Or they like the weekend gatherings of out-of-towners and newcomers that bring energy into the place. Still other’s crave the celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries full of toasts and smiles. But there is no season like a Friday night. For a Friday can be (and often is) all of the above. On a Friday there is no telling how the bar will live that night.


So what are you waiting for? Did you make plans to have someone watch the kids tonight? Have you called an old friend? Did you text your lover to be ready by 7? It’s Friday and its time to get out of the house and away from the computer. Don’t worry the beauty of Netflix is that it will still be there tomorrow.

Live a little, buy a drink for a friend or even a complete stranger – just get out for a while!