Happy Friday My Friends


Time to hurry up so you can slow down. Hurry up and finish your work so you can slow down and have a drink with a friend.  Hurry up and get away from the office so you can slow down and enjoy a good cigar. Hurry up and call a babysitter so you can slow down and get to know your spouse again. Let’s hurry up and get this Friday started already!


I offer a challenge to all of our dear readers of this fine blog. If you do not already have a signature drink tonight you need to find one. If you walk into a cocktail party and have to hesitate for over 5 minutes because you don’t know what you’ll have then you need to remedy that. You need a default, a go-to drink, when all else fails what will you have?

Trust me it helps you get to know people and promotes friendship and good times. If you have them over you know what to keep on hand, if you find yourself on a bar stool next them tonight you know what to order if you want to buy them a drink. Find yourself a drink and get to know the drinks of your friends and family.


Hurry up and find your drink so you can slow down and enjoy it with good friends!

Oh and by the way Ghostbusters just turned 30. That’s right 30 years ago we welcomed Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston into our hearts. Cheers!