The Primacy of Nation

By Graham Glover


What is it that unites the people of the United States?

Politics? Uh, no. Never has…never will. I don’t care if we elect another George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or FDR. In a democratic republic, political differences will always remain.

Religion? Yeah right. From the arrival of the Puritans to today’s pluralistic religious marketplace, there will never be uniformity on matters of faith in a nation as large and diverse as the United States.

Sports? Football…basketball…baseball…or soccer? Maybe hockey’s your thing? Who are you rooting for to win the NBA Finals…the Heat or the Spurs? What about the Stanley Cup? Try telling an American what sport or what sports team unites us and see if you can even complete your sentence before an argument erupts!

What about art? Is it ever possible to be unified around culture?

You name it, we Americans are a divided lot.


But the one thing that can, or at least should unite us, is our devotion to nation – our complete dedication to the United States of America. Let’s be honest, without the U.S., politics, religion, sport, and art would not exist as we know it. In fact, in today’s perilous world, with tyrants ready to destroy us at every moment of every day, these things would cease to exist without this nation.

So what does unity to nation mean? It means that we can find unity as a people only if we are united to country. In other words, the preservation of our union and the advancement of our nation’s interests must be of utmost importance to every citizen and every immigrant seeking citizenship.

This means America comes first. Nationhood takes precedence over all. What is good for the United States and its citizens supersedes everything. America may have been born on the heels of the Enlightenment, with its focus and emphasis on individual rights, but our survival will be found only in the advancement of our nationhood.


Granted, this is a broad statement. And this commitment to nation does not get rid of our political, religious, or cultural differences – as well it shouldn’t. It is ridiculous to think that every American can be in agreement on everything. But our divisions are becoming greater by the day, creating a chasm between our people that we have never seen. And if these divisions continue without something to unite us, our republic is in grave danger. To that end, our political, religious, and cultural differences are actually rather petty when it comes to our preservation as a people. (To be clear, religious differences are infinitely important with respect to our standing before God.) When compared to the very real possibility that our union may very well be relegated to the ash heaps of history if our divisions persist, these differences must take a back seat to the primacy of nation.

As a people, we cannot shirk from our loyalty to country. The United States is definitely not perfect, but there is no nation that even comes close in comparison. America is the model that every other nation on earth strives to emulate. To suggest otherwise is to ignore reality. And no American should ever shy from this reality or be shamed into thinking otherwise.


This past week the world recalled the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. This was a day that changed the course of history and preserved our world from tyranny and perhaps, annihilation. I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I know there will be other D-Days in the future. Without a strong and united America, our nation (and the world) should fear what the outcome might be of these days. But with a united people and a united nation, such days will mirror what happened on Normandy Beach, where freedom reigned and tyranny was stopped.

To the primacy of nation. The primacy of the United States.