Friday the 13th


Friday is here and it couldn’t have come soon enough. To be honest, I feel worn out. Not the type of weariness that can be overcome by a little more rest or a few more well timed naps. No, the weariness I feel comes from a distance from those who keep me moving forward. I feel weary when I spend too much time in my own head, too much time away from my wife and my friends and family.

But it is Friday and with Friday comes the opportunity to recharge and reconnect. I plan to skip out of work a little early and greet my bride with a kiss. Later tonight I will be heading off with my Dad to watch the boys in blue take on the Arizona Diamondbacks at the Ravine. It’s good to be in the company of others, to have those who will share in your life, make sure you take time to share in theirs.


So take so time and refuel with some friends. Dedicate some time to spend with the love of your life, it’s amazing how refreshing it can be. And don’t forget to buy a drink or two for the lonely neighbor at the end of the bar – they could use some company. Cheers!