Happy Friday My Friends


Ah yes, once again Friday is upon us! Once again it’s time to shake off the routine and the predictability that mocks our work week. The great news is there is a bar out there waiting for you my friends. There is a place with a welcoming spot to sit, music on the radio, and joyful conversations. To be sure there is a bartender with a smile and story if you’re willing to listen.


Once I get out from behind this desk, I’ll be off to meet some friends for a long overdue cigar. There is something absolutely wonderful about conversation over cigars, it simply makes things seem better (check out a great post on just that topic here). And from there who knows? Perhaps happy hour at a little dive bar, or a bite to eat. The point is to just get out, do something a little different, have some fun and make some friends.


God’s gifts are many and wonderful and it is time you take advantage of them. His gifts are found in those who love you; your friends and family, your spouse and sweethearts. They are found in the warm dimly lit barroom and in a well lit cigar. To be sure his truly great gifts are found in Word and Sacrament but they don’t stop there. Get out tonight and rejoice in the wonders of your great giver God.

Here are a few clips to get you warmed up. Cheers!!