Happy Independence Day!


Friday and the 4th of July all rolled into one, it doesn’t get much better than that! If there was ever a time to gather together with friends and family, to fire up the BBQ and crack open a few beers this is that day. In fact many of you probably have the day off and are already well into your observance of our nations Independence Day – good for you, I won’t be far behind.


Today is not the day to worry about your diet. It’s not a time to stress over life’s struggles. Today is a time to relax and soak in the great gifts we’ve received in this great country of ours. Today is a time to thank God for a cold beer and warm apple pie, to rejoice in the smell of burning charcoal and the taste of hot-dogs. Today is a day to hug your kids and kiss your sweetheart and just take it easy for a bit.

Last winter I went with my Dad to the place where George Washington crossed the Delaware river on Christmas night in 1776. As we stood on those snowy banks you could dimly imagine the sheer courage and desperate measures that our forefathers in this country took to secure our independence. The ideals and convictions that we celebrate this day came at a great and terrifying cost. So at the very lest make sure you raise a toast to those heroes that have gone before us.


Let us then celebrate this nation, let us give thanks to our great giver God for his continued blessings in our lives. Let us rejoice and spread the cheer.

If you happen to be near Ventura CA stop by the church this afternoon for a hot dog and a beer. There’s plenty to celebrate and plenty to share! Cheers!!