Welcome To The Weekend!


So the weekend has arrived, soon your work will end (or at least pause for a while) and then the wonder and surprise of Friday night awaits you. Now I have been encouraging you week in and week out to make the most of your Friday nights. I’ve challenged you to find the warm welcome of a neighborhood pub, to call the babysitter and reunite with old friends or old loves (or both). I’ve charged you to try new things to buy a drink for a stranger and to spread the cheer of our great giver God. And this week is no different!


However, this weekend I’m on vacation. I’m currently at the CrossFit Games with my bride on my arm cheering on our favorite athletes while drinking beer and forgetting we have kids. So truth be told I don’t much care what you do. Go ahead and stay home yet again. Fall into your old routine, allow your friendships to fade and be practical.

But next week your vacation is over and its time to put some energy and passion into those habits and make the most of them. Until then, here are a few laughs to cheer you up, cheers!