The Romance of Bars (part 4)


Over the last few weeks we have examined some of the truly wonderful gifts that are found in a good neighborhood bar. We have discussed their natural resistance to technology which often divides community. We have been reminded of the equality given to those who offer opinions, whether you want to hear them or not. And we rejoiced that there is still a place where complete strangers can gather and have a good time. Bars certainly have their own culture and while some are most likely unhealthy places to be, many (I have found) are blessings to be enjoyed.

If there is anything that we really need to remember about a bar is it is the people not the alcohol that makes a bar great.

Today then is your day to go out and revel in all that a bar can be. Call the babysitter and tell your spouse to get ready for a night out. Go to the bar and have a few laughs. Learn the bartenders name and listen to their stories. Introduce yourself to a complete stranger and offer a toast!


Or maybe you need to get reacquainted with some old friends. Friendship is a rare and valuable thing. Why not give them a call and meet up at the pub? It never ceases to amaze me what a few well timed shots can do for a couple of friends.

Whatever you do tonight; whether you meet up with some old friends or hang out with the love of your life, enjoy the bar for all it is worth. Give thanks for the blessings that are hidden there, and why you’re at it why not buy a stranger a drink, trust me it’ll do you a world of good!