Happy Friday my Friends


Once again we have come to that wonderful day where work takes a pause and joy gets a much needed shot in the arm. That’s right it is Friday, what more do we need to say? It’s time to get out and have some fun. It’s time to enjoy the many blessings of our gracious giver God.


I hope you are planning on getting out tonight, I hope that you won’t let another Friday night pass you by. Quite often the best evenings out don’t begin with very much planning at all, you simply have to get out of the house. A night at a bar with a few good friends and no real plans can take you places you never would have planned on going in the first place.

So call up some old friends, meet at the local watering hole and be ready to tell old stories and make some new ones. And don’t forget to buy a stranger a drink, trust me it’ll do you a world of good.


(don’t forget to laugh)