Happy Birthday To Us!


That’s right today marks the one year anniversary of the first ever post on The Jagged Word! Now we’ve come a long way in a year but we are just getting warmed up.

To commemorate The Jagged Word reaching one year of work we will be gathering in St. Louis to pat ourselves on the back and get into trouble. We also will hold our first ever round table discussion featuring all the authors you have come to know and love. We will be meeting in a corner of the Fox and Hounds tavern Monday evening to have more than a few drinks and discuss issues of which we all care so much about. If you can make it out please stop by to see us.


This means that next week we will feature a “greatest hits” line up of articles to feature some of the whit and wisdom that has been buried in the archives of The Jagged Word. We have some new ideas we are working on in the meantime and will be making new announcements as they roll out. Also, at trip to the Seminary in St. Louis means the Dean of Awesome will be seeking out our next recipient of the Bell Ringer’s Fund!

In the meantime, a big “thank you” to all of our readers and especially those who participate in the comments section of the blog. Keep spreading the word and buckle up for another great year!