Your Attention Please!


Well you’ve done it again, you’ve made it to another Friday! So what are you going to do to celebrate? This is a little advancement on the retirement party to come, a chance to take a deep breath and get reconnected to those that are important to you. Don’t squander the blessings that come with a Friday night!

The Jagged Word has returned from our hiatus in St. Louis. At our anniversary celebration great discussions were had, many drinks were consumed and future plans were hatched. As we assaulted our livers and insulted each other we were able to come up with some great ideas for the future. The first of which we will begin tomorrow.


As we settled into the warm environs of the Fox and Hound’s Tavern we easily came to the conclusion that one thing desperately missing today is real discussion and debate.  We need a place where you can risk being wrong and fight for what you believe to be true. So starting tomorrow we will begin a weekly post titled A Jagged Contention in which a short quote will be provided followed by a question intended to invite discussion.

In order for this to work we will need your participation. We invite you to join in the discussion, add you ideas or concerns to the debate. In the comments section of the post all of you and all of the authors of The Jagged Word will interact. Our hope is not to just come up with a “correct” answer but to go through the process which seems to be a dying art.

We have a lot more to come in the weeks and months ahead so be ready to join us and continue to spread the word. In the meantime take some time to enjoy a favorite pub and don’t forget to buy a stranger a drink.