Friday, My Old Friend


Doesn’t that look nice? A simple glass of your favorite spirit poured over ice and just waiting for you to take a sip. It’s okay to let you mind wander, the work day is drawing to a close and your favorite watering hole is calling you. Heck, you might as well slip out a little early tonight. Surprise the love of your life with the promise of a quiet night of great conversation accompanied with the delightful intoxication of good alcohol.


Just imagine yourself at that corner table the rest of the room seems to drift away as you really get lost in each other. Make an extra effort tonight to enjoy the presence of those you love; be romantic, be funny, be unpredictable. Our God has showered upon his creation many wonderful and unpredictable joys, don’t be afraid to take a hold of them.

There is no denying that our world is full of sorrow and trouble, but you have a God that elects without any merit or worthiness in you. This means you can be free to have some fun, to let loose for a bit and laugh out loud. And if you can remember, buy a neighbor a drink – spread the good news!


(a little laughter to get you ready)