It’s Friday!!!


Just do it, just get out tonight. Don’t make any plans beyond making sure you have a babysitter and a way home. Go out and get lost among the barflies and gypsies. Maybe you’ll pull up a stool and feel the well-worn bar under your forearms as you lean in and order that first round. Perhaps you’ll stay there all night, only getting up to use the restroom or to try out those new dance moves you’ve been thinking about. Don’t think too much about it just go to the first place that sounds like a good idea.


Or maybe tonight is a night for moving from place to place never staying longer than a single drink or getting an appetizer. In that case go ahead and be bold, laugh out loud, make others envious of the freedom you have. These are occasions to offer toasts and sing boldly along with whatever happens to be playing on the radio.


Then again maybe it is time to call up an old friend and reconnect. A time to remember all the good times, to recall how you were the heroes and captains of your adventures. Remember what it was like to blaze your own trail, to have others inspired by your willingness to risk much in order to gain much. Go ahead and tell those stories, tell them though you’ve told them a thousand times before.

Just do it, get out and see what happens. Get out and have some fun, enjoy the blessings of our God and if you can spare the cash buy a neighbor a drink as well.