Brainwashed Believers

By Joel Hess


Sorry to break the news to you, but you have been brainwashed! Yes, I know, you say you are open minded.  You try not to form an opinion on something until you have heard both sides of the story.  You aren’t a religious nut.  You weren’t sheltered as a child and you frequently write on your Facebook status, “we hate what we don’t understand”.  But I’m afraid you have been brainwashed.

Don’t be embarrassed! Everyone has been brainwashed.  The question is, not whether or not you are brainwashed; the question is, who brainwashed you!?

Oh yes, we are becoming a nation free from religion. Praise God….or whomever…or man.  We think we have been freed from brainwashing.  Free from the tyranny of society’s arbitrary imposition of its artificial virtues and values. The spell has been broken; we can now decide for ourselves important things.

We shall wash our own brains!  Questions like, what is the proper use of genitalia? Why can’t a canary serve as a hippopotamus? What is a person besides a glop of cells? What is right or wrong? Why can’t I start for the Miami Heat? Alas, it is more possible today than ever for a person to be born without any disgusting alien ideas imposed upon him, her, it, whatev.


But our children are still being brainwashed. Psychology has demonstrated it quite well:  Hitler did too.  And it’s quite clear that an individual can be his own washer of brains as he comes to believe irrational thoughts, repeated religiously in his head, such as “I’m not thin enough”.  Do you really trust yourself to be the best dictator of your conscience?  And yes, Christianity has been brainwashing people for centuries. So?

The changes in our society are not the result of an increased freedom to think, but brainwashing, all be it from a different brainwasher.

Do you think, for a moment, that if you tell a person over and over that there is no such thing as male and female she won’t come to believe it and act on it?  Or if you show a young man porn over the years he won’t begin to see human beings as only bodies positioned for his pleasure? Or if you repeat the phrase, “that’s just a clump of cells”, it won’t become a lot easier to drop that clump in a wastebasket after prom? Words repeated enough can make a person do anything, believe anything!


We have all been brainwashed, my free thinking friend.  The question is, who brainwashed you?  Who is giving you your information, your ideas about the world?  Who is forming you? Someone who speaks the truth or a liar? It’s hard to figure out.  Like Jerry Seinfeld said to George one day, “if every instinct you had was wrong, the opposite must be right!” Perhaps we can detect whether something is true if it is the opposite of our instinct!

Here is a better strategy in determining who to trust; who shall be your propagandist and washer of your puny brain? What if the one who desires to brainwash you, died for you and rose again?