Seize the Day!


We here at The Jagged Word know that Fridays are days not to be wasted. When you’ve come to the end of the work week and Friday afternoon is looking you in the face and you begin to lose focus on your given task it is time to grab a hold of the day for all it’s worth. Now usually we imagine the night ahead; the worn and comfy bar stool, the delightful sound of ice clinking in the cocktail glass, and the predictable songs on the jukebox. But tonight we ask you to do something a little bit more.

As you prepare to seize the day and make new stories you’ll tell your grand-kids someday, as you think ahead to a night with your spouse or fun with your friends I want you to pause and take a moment to join us in our effort to help a seminarian ring the bell. We set up The Bell Ringer’s Fund to help us collectively buy a seminary student a few rounds at a bar and some books for his library. It really isn’t any more complicated than that.


By clicking on the “Make A Donation” button below you can give via Paypal any amount you wish. If you were to buy a stranger a drink tonight it might cost you $5 or $10, so why not donate that money to our hard working seminarian instead? Every little bit helps. If you can spare $20 or more, why not go for it, imagine the look on his face when he receives the check from all the readers of The Jagged Word!

Make a Donation Button

Let’s seize the day, let’s give to a neighbor in need and then let’s go out and make some great memories!