Theology on Tap (part 1)


So back in September all the authors here on The Jagged Word gathered together for the first time at the Fox and Hounds Tavern in St. Louis. Glasses of rye on the rocks and pints of Guinness were flowing freely when we took over a corner of the pub and placed a microphone in the midst of the group. While we were ordering rounds, enjoying the laughter of old friends and the making of new ones, we managed to record our first conversation as a group.


Over the next few weeks we will be releasing snippets of this conversation for your enjoyment. We invite you to our corner table and welcome your thoughts on our conversation in the comments below. One caveat: If you haven’t spent time with men drinking in a bar discussing and arguing theology you may be shocked at the language and tone of things at times, don’t get too upset. This isn’t a discussion at a church picnic but at bar with trusted friends. I decided not to edit out anything in order to keep the ethos intact.

This first selection is focused on a question regarding the relationship between our culture and the church with regard to our polity. Enjoy!