Theology on Tap (part 2)


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In addition I want to call your attention to our Bell Ringer’s Fund. We will continue to collect donations for our St. Louis seminarian for the next two weeks so stop procrastinating and make a donation! Remember this is an opportunity to buy a seminarian a beer with his friends and a book or two. 100% of all monies collected will be sent to our adopt-a-seminarian.


And now it’s time for our second installment of the first ever Jagged Word round table discussion (listen to part 1 here). Please note: this is a discussion in the corner of a bar while consuming many cocktails with good friends. As such, the language at times and tone of the discussion may seem rough around the edges, but that is just what happens with good friends in the corner of a bar. Consider yourself warned.

Today’s section centers on a discussion of postmodern influences for both good or bad in the church today.