Theology on Tap (part 3)


Well we’ve made it through another week. It’s time to push back from your desk, clock out for the week and greet the joy and blessing that is Friday evening. It’s time for the warmth of a familiar bar, the sound of ice clinking in a glass and the smile of one you love. Don’t think too much about it; call a babysitter if you need to, or send a text to your friends – just get out and drink deep of God’s good and gracious gifts.


As with the last few Fridays we here at The Jagged Word invite you to join us in our little corner of the bar for a bit of our ongoing discussion of culture, politics, theology and art as we have fun drinking cocktails and figuring out what the hell is going on. We’ve discussed some politics (part 1), argued over the realities of postmodernism (part 2) and today we will take up the role of art.

Again I feel it is only right to warn you; if you are easily offended by language often found in bars you may want to pass on this clip. Otherwise enjoy!